About Us

We’re a team of finance, tax, technical and commercial professionals who believe there’s a better way to manage personal finances and the advice needs of Australians.

Shroogle is building an online financial advice solution.

We’re aiming to reinvent the manner in which Australians discover the benefits of personalised advice, because there are many. In most cases, people tend to think it’s too expensive and can’t be trusted, which is far from ideal.

The solution: High quality, personalised advice across all areas of personal finances. Objective advice that Australians can easily access and afford. An advice solution that’s supported by the personal touch of experienced and suitably qualified financial advisers, if or when you require it.

Online financial advice solution

Our online home loan service is the first of a series of modules currently in development. We hope you enjoy using it and recommending it to friends and family.

Shroogle has been acknowledged by financial institutions as the ‘most comprehensive digital advice solution for personal-financial-services’. It is owned by Complii Fintech Solutions Ltd, based in Sydney.

“Shroogle’s ultra-customer-centric business model sees customers being charged a fixed fee for expert mortgage advice with the added bonus of receiving the sales commissions traditionally retained by the broker. It’s going to be hard to find a better deal than that anywhere in the market.”
Justin Quay, Head of Product.

Our Credit service for home loans offers applicants access to a panel of over 20 lenders, backed by professional guidance in a high quality, objective online financial advice solution. This service is the first of a broad range of online financial services to provide increased access to comprehensive financial advice and related services.

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