Some insights and feedback from happy Shrooglers…

Refinance, Debt Consolidation & Cash out

DANICA, Queensland

Danica and her partner came to Shroogle keen to take back control and simplify their finances. Facing a maze of lender offers and features with constantly changing lender policy, we were happy to secure the features they needed.

We also secured a 0.48% rate discount, a $2,000 refinance rebate from the lender and over $1,200 in commission cash back from Shroogle.

“The process to refinance was easy to complete online and although things took longer due to COVID shutdowns and documentation, Shroogle went above and beyond to work through each bump, getting the best outcome for us with the least amount of pain. Would happily recommend to anyone looking for current or future home loans.”

Refinance, Debt Consolidation & Cash out

DARREN, New South Wales

Darren came to Shroogle after he couldn’t get his loan approved the way he wanted when working with another broker.

We were able to refinance at a reduced rate, consolidate non-mortgage debts and secure additional funds for a project. The consolidation positioned him to benefit from significant interest savings.

Darren received over $4,000 in cash back after settlement, with a further $2,000 likely to be paid by the end of the first year.

“Shroogle provided us with a full Broker service whilst paying us the majority of both upfront and trailing commissions. You’d be mad to go anywhere else!”

Refinance & Cash out

PAUL, Victoria

Paul came to Shroogle after another lender turned him away mid application.

Not only did we get his application approved at a top tier lender, we also managed to secure a rate reduction of 0.75% (from 3.74% to 2.99% – which has dropped further to 2.74% with the latest rate reduction), restructure his lending to provide the flexibility and features he was after and access extra cash to buy a new car.

Paul received upfront payments of over $8,000 after settlement ($6,000 commission cash back from Shroogle plus a $2,000 cash incentive from the lender).

He will also benefit from receiving monthly commission cash back payments which in his first month will be over $130. Should the loan take 30 years to repay, these could amount to approximately $35,000, taking total cash back to approximately $43,000!

“Shroogle is THE best value proposition I’m ever likely to receive or experience as a consumer. They have an excellent understanding of lenders, home loans and setting things up the way you want them. The service level was outstanding – end to end. I secured the rates and features I wanted with no travel and the ease of online & phone support. From a financial perspective I’ll be about $15,000 better off in the first year.”